Trade Me

If the form doesn't work or you made a mistake somewhere, feel free to email me, or poke me on Discord/Twitter. Discord is usually the fastest.

  • Discord: Megumi#4093
  • Email: megumi.tcg[at]
  • Twitter: @lilac_lux

General trading notes:

  • I always send email notifications when I accept trades, so please tell me if you did not receive it!
  • I never reject trades without contacting you and trying to fix the trade first. Please contact me if the trade disappears in thin air!
  • Generally, do not put trades through unless I tell you to! Feel free to put it through if:
    • The trade has been pending for a week or more (in that case that's my fault ;;)!
    • I'm on vacation! I usually put a notice on this page somewhere if I am!
    • An event is about to end and you really need that card for it and I haven't replied yet... :(
  • Please spell out card names COMPLETELY. (ie. do NOT type cardname01/02; DO type cardname01, cardname02)

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