Idolise Last Updated: 2021-01-20
Card Worth: 27793
Card Count: 28284
Mastered Decks: 831
If you decide to join, please put Megumi as your referral!

Collecting (117 worth)

rv-powerupseulgi (14/20)

rv-powerupwendy (16/20)

rv-powerupyeri (12/20)

hinapia-drip (18/20)

rv-powerupjoy (19/20)

stlr-cryinggayoung (19/20)

stlr-cryingminhee (19/20)

Future (1st Priority) (29 worth)

Wishlist: --

Future (2nd Priority) (212 worth)

Wishlist: --

Future (Recollecting) (323 worth)

DO NOT give doubles unless they're part of the following eras:

  1. Dreamcatcher - You & I Era

I am only accepting doubles for the eras listed above~

Idols Hoarding pile (240 worth)

Doubles are fine! Will trade if you need them to master.

  1. Wendy (Red Velvet)
  2. Subin (Dalshabet)
  3. Tiffany (Girls' Generation)

Please note the decks here are subject to change if I ever get bored of certain decks!

Dream Deck

There are currently no cards under this category.

Random Keeps

Do not offer from these decks~